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Grief Dreams with Joshua Black

Mike just recorded another podcast episode, with Joshua Black, PhD. Joshua is a leading researcher in the field of grief dreams, dreams in which people who died visit the bereaved who loved them.

Joshua interviewed Mike about grieving after losing Susan, about Voices of the Grieving Heart, and particularly about several dreams Mike had in which Susan came to visit. One of those dreams is recounted in a poem which appears in the book. Four other poems from other contributors, about dreams they had, are also included.

The podcast will be released on April 17, and we’ll post the link here.

Book Launch Coming on April 7!

Join Mike Bernhardt and very special guests for the launch of the 30th anniversary edition of “Voices of the Grieving Heart.” This new, expanded edition contains over 160 selected poems, essays, and images by 83 contributors who share their journeys through loss, grief, and transformation.

Foreword contributor John Fox, author of “Poetic Medicine” and founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine, will share his thoughts; Mike will be in conversation with author and event host Matthew Félix; and three contributors will share readings from the collection.

Please join us for this very special event in celebration of a very special book! Register by clicking the image below.


Voices of the Heart Book Launch on Zoom

Mike Recorded His First Podcast!

Mike spent an hour with Charlotte Jones, British host of the podcast “Be Boujee Be True Be You.” Charlotte is focusing on grief and loss this season, and she asked excellent questions about how creativity can help when we are grieving.

The podcast will be released on April 7, the same day as the book launch! We’ll post a link here when it’s available.